9 Benefits of Patharkuchi Leaves | 9 Benifits of Patharchatta Leaves

Subarna Debbarma (BPT, DNHE)
Patharkuchi also know  as Kalanchoe pinnata, Patharchatta in Hindiis one of the medicinal plants that have been used in medicine since ancient times. According to medical scientists, Patharkuchi leaves are especially beneficial for various diseases including kidney, high blood pressure, etc.

Patharkuchi or Kalanchoe pinnata
Patharkuchi: axial view

Patharkuchi or Kalanchoe pinnata
Patharkuchi: Lateral or side view

Patharkuchi leaves: Micro Image 0.4nm

Let's know about the medicinal properties of Patharkuchi leaves:

properties of Patharkuchi
Properties of Patharkuchi leaves

Benefits of patharkuchi leaves

1. Kidney stone removal: Pathrakuchi leaves help in removing kidney and goiter stones.

2. Abdominal flatulence: Many times it is seen that the abdomen is swollen, urine is blocked. In that case, one or two tea spoons of the juice of the leaves of stone cut by heating it with a little sugar will be beneficial. You can also mix it with water.

3. Epilepsy: 2-10 drops of stone leaf juice should be given in the mouth during epilepsy. If you go to the stomach a little, the disease will be relieved.

4. Stomach ache in children: In case of colic in a child, 30-60 drops of the juice of the leaves of stone pulp massaged on the stomach relieves the pain.

5. Skin care: Patharkuchi leaves contain a lot of water which is very beneficial for the skin.

6. Piles: The juice of crushed leaves of Patharkuchi is mixed with red pepper to get rid of piles and piles.

7. Cure Jaundice: Fresh crushed leaves and its juice are very useful in preventing any liver problems.

8. High blood pressure: Patharkuchi leaves help control high blood pressure and relieve bladder problems.

9. Body burns: Two spoons of crushed leaves juice mixed with half a cup of hot water and consumed twice a day relieves burns.

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