Mirabai Chanu Injured: the women's weightlifting event in 19th asian games Hangzhou.

Subarna Debbarma (BPT, DNHE)


Mirabai Chanu Injured the 19th asian games in Hangzhou,China
Mirabai Chanu Injured (the 19th asian games in Hangzhou,China)

Mirabai Chanu, indian s athlete a two-time Commonwealth Games gold medalist and Tokyo Olympics silver medalist, injured her right thigh during the 19th Asian Games 2023. She finished fourth in the women's 49kg weightlifting event in Hangzhou,China.

Chanu injured her thigh during her final clean & jerk attempt. She struggled throughout the competition and failed to lift the desired weights. She lifted a total of 191 kg. 

Chanu hurt her right thigh during warm-up. She felt pain in her hip during deep sitting in her warm-ups. She confidently snatched 83kg but wasn't successful with her two attempts at 86kg. 

Chanu underwent a five-month rehabilitation program after winning silver at the 2022 world championships in December. She decided to skip this year's world championships to remain fit ahead of the Asian Games. 

Chanu is disappointed that she could not realize her dream of an Asian Games medal. She said, “Now, my target is to do well in the Paris Olympics”. 

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