The TRING Festival 1434 T.E New Year celebration in Tripura

Subarna Debbarma (BPT, DNHE)
TRING Festival 22 December 2023 or Tripura Era 1434

The "TRING" Festival is a New Year celebration for the indigenous people of Tripura, India. It takes place every year on the night of December 21st and 22nd.

TRING fastival belongs to Tripuri or Tiprasa Community of Tripura.

Tiprasa ranging from elderly to teenagers mark the New Year at 12 AM by lighting candles and bursting fire crackers.

Various indigenous dishes like Muya Awandru, Godak, Wahan, Chakhwi, Bangui etc. are also cooked and different cultural programmes are organized where Tripuri boys and girls wearing traditional dresses perform dances to mark the occasion.

TRING Festival Celebration Video 22 December 2023 or TRIPURA ERA 1434

Video- TRING fastival 

There are some history about the festival which very few people know: 

"TRING",also known as "Tipra Bisikwtal" or "Tripura Era" was introduced by the 118th King of TIPRA  Jujarupha alias, Hamtorpha, alias, Himti in 590 AD. 

History claimed that the festival was started to commemorate the victory over the east part of "Ganga"

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