90% of Back Pain Cases Do Not Require Surgery

Subarna Debbarma (BPT, DNHE)

Surgeon doing surgery

India, 07 September 2023 - Back pain is a common ailment that affects millions of people worldwide, leading to discomfort, reduced mobility, and in severe cases, even disability. For many years, surgery has been seen as a potential solution for those suffering from chronic back pain. However, a groundbreaking new study challenges this conventional wisdom, revealing that a staggering 90% of back pain cases can be effectively managed without the need for surgical intervention.

# 90% of Back Problems Don’t Need Surgery!

By Dr. Alexandre Rasouli, M.D. and Lynda Huey | Originally Published September 3, 2015.

commented that “Time and time again, we see the statistic prove itself that 90% of all back problems resolve themselves and don’t need surgery.”

–Spine Surgeon Alex Rasouli, MD

# Kavita Trivedi, D.O.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Published July 21, 2021

Just 10 percent of back pain requires surgery – and minimally invasive procedures work for many

In recent years, there has been a growing trend toward conservative approaches to managing back pain. Physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and exercise programs have gained popularity as effective methods for pain relief and improved quality of life. This new study reinforces the importance of exploring these non-surgical options before considering surgery as a last resort.

While surgery remains a crucial option for certain severe cases of back pain. With the majority of back pain cases now shown to be manageable without surgery, patients and healthcare providers have a renewed opportunity to explore safer and less invasive methods for treatment, offering hope for a brighter, pain-free future for millions of individuals suffering from back pain

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