Quadriceps Tendon pain |Symptoms|Causes|Treatment

Subarna Debbarma (BPT, DNHE)

Quadriceps Tendon

 Tendons are strong bands of tissue that attach muscles to bones. The quadriceps tendon is the most important tendon involved in straightening the knee from a bent position.

What is quadriceps Tendon pain?

Quadriceps Tendon Pain is inflammation or Tear  in the quadriceps muscle and tendon  that is caused by overuse or alignment problems in the knee structures.

Anatomy of Quadriceps Tendon

The four quadriceps muscles meet just above the kneecap (patella) to form the quadriceps tendon. The quadriceps tendon attaches the quadriceps muscles to the patella. The patella is attached to the shinbone (tibia) by the patellar tendon. Working together, the quadriceps muscles, quadriceps tendon, and patellar tendon form a pulley mechanism to straighten the knee.


Pain and swelling

Morning stiffness




kneecap may sag or droop

knee buckling

Causes of quadriceps tendon Pain


•Playing sports : volleyball, running ,soccer, football etc

•Physical activity : jumping, Gym ,etc

•Steroid use. Using corticosteroids has been linked to increased muscle and tendon weakness.

•Fluoroquinolones. This special type of antibiotic has been associated with quadriceps tendon tears.

•Immobilization. When you are off your feet for a prolonged period of time, the muscles and tendons supporting your knees lose strength and flexibility.

•Chronic disease : Weakened tendons can also be caused by diseases that disrupt blood supply. Chronic diseases which may weaken the tendon include:

Chronic renal (kidney) failure

ther conditions associated with renal dialysis




Rheumatoid arthritis

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

Diabetes mellitus


Metabolic disease

•Injury:  heavy load on the leg with the foot planted and the knee partially bent.


•Physical examinations & Special Test.

•X Ray or MRI 

Differential Diagnosis

Qudriceps tendonitis

• Quadriceps tendon tear

Treatment for quadriceps tendon pain

Early treatment for quadriceps tendon pain include rest and anti-inflammatory medication such as  Acetaminophen,aceclofenac ,Ibuprofen,etc

Nonsurgical treatment for quadricep tendon pain

Physical therapy in the early stages of quadricep tendon pain  is aimed at decreasing pain and reducing inflammation. The physical therapies may use massage, ultrasound or electrical stimulation to speed the healing process and minimize further damage. The physical therapist will also prescribe exercises to stretch and strengthen the injured area and correct muscle imbalances.

Bracing or taping the patella can help you continue to do day-to-day activities without pain.

Orthotics can improve knee alignment and function of the patella.

Surgical treatment for quadriceps tendon pain

The damaged tissue is removed and the tendon is repaired. Most patients who require surgery will have arthroscopic surgery, which is less invasive, and patients can go home that day.

Recovery from quadriceps tendon pain

nonsurgical treatment:The injury can heal with four to six weeks of physical therapy. The goal of the physical therapy is to reduce the pain and inflammation as well as improve function of the quadricep.

Surgical treatment:Most likely, your repair will be protected with a knee immobilizer or a long leg cast. You may be allowed to put your weight on your leg with the use of a brace and crutches (or a walker).

Doctor and physical therapist will customize a rehabilitation plan.

Complete recovery takes at least 4 months. Most repairs are nearly healed in 6 months. Many patients report that they required 12 months before they reached all their goals

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